2021 Barometer of equity and bonds financing

FirmFunding makes available its activity barometer from which the main trends for the year 2021 can be identified :

  • In terms of sectors : Clear predominance of real estate and industry (+ or - 25%), followed by services and agro, the latter sector alone representing more than 15% of the files put online. It should also be noted that 33% of financing, all sectors combined, could be qualified as « impact » projects, which shows the sector's dynamism and investors' appetite for these themes.
  • of financing typologies : Pure private debt (dry bonds) represents the vast majority of needs (64%), benefiting, compared to 2020, from the decline in Equity/OC and mezzanine debt.
  • of project typology: refinancing and external growth have continued to progress (nearly 25%) and are gaining ground on organic growth projects.
  • of size of project-carrying SMEs: The share of SMEs with a turnover of more than €50 million has decreased, in favor of those with a turnover of less than €20 million, which represent the vast majority of companies that have put a financing project online.

With more than 30 files put online for a total amount of more than 200 million euros, the FirmFunding platform has regained its pre-Covid momentum; the multiplication of financing tools made available to SMEs during 2021 has therefore not altered their interest in using financing tools of a nature to strengthen their balance sheet structure while preserving their cash flow.


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