How we at FirmFuding have minimized our carbon footprint

How, within a digital financing platform, can we place respect for the planet at the heart of our challenges?

This is a question we have been asking ourselves since the beginning at FirmFunding: because what we create from a digital point of view leaves a footprint on the environment, which, if we are not careful, is far from being negligible. Since our creation, we have never stopped trying to limit this footprint by all means.

This is the latest illustration:

  • Until this summer, FirmFunding's computing servers were running on 18 virtual machines. Since then, we have made the choice to migrate all our Web and Front servers to a CDN. Why did we do this?
    • Thanks to the decentralized and replicated architecture of this new network, the pages are located closer to the users, which limits the energy used to download the pages but also shortens the download time.
    • Because the Serverless infrastructure we have chosen ensures that our services only consume energy when they actually respond to our customers.
  • We also migrated our Marketplace API to a new host, to give our API "elasticity" to turn on machines on demand and increase their number, only in case of high load.

These efforts were worthwhile because we are now very close to the minimum consumption possible for this type of infrastructure: We are proud to have completed this project.

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