Why FirmFunding ?

FirmFunding is a private placement platform dedicated to professionals. Founded in 2016 by Florence Vasilescu, it offers SMEs an alternative financing solution to bank lending and Equity.

The Growing SMEs are currently turning mainly to bank credit to finance their financing needs. Bond financing, also known as private debt, is still underused, although it makes it possible to finance all types of projects (including intangible), while not diluting the capital.

FirmFunding’s ambition is to enable SMEs to use private debt financing by helping SMEs advisors to meet financing professionals, in a digitalized and simplified process.

FirmFunding provides a digital marketplace that connects SMEs advisors and professional investors in the context of a bond financing.

Your contacts to help you in your search for financing

Florence Vasilescu


Founder & CEO

Mathilde Gerard Tabbagh


General Secretary

Thomas Gil

Thomas GIL

Chief Technology Officer

Our values

Florence created FirmFunding at the end of 2016, based on the observation that French SMEs, even profitable ones, did not have access to all the tools to finance their development, unlike large groups, which diversify their sources of financing with ease. It is this inequality that FirmFunding wishes to reduce.

In the team formed with Thomas and Mathilde, in charge of IT and Legal & Compliance respectively, we believe that digital is the key to bringing private debt and all the opportunities that investment professionals have to offer, within reach of entrepreneurs who want to grow.

Driven by strong human values, we believe that acting to ensure that investment is deployed in the real economy is the key to reasoned growth and that, in the long term, this will promote the development of projects with an impact, from a social, environmental or societal point of view.

It is with this aim in mind that in addition to putting you in touch with financing professionals that our platform enables, we carry out training activities for entrepreneurs to increase their knowledge of financing instruments, we regularly publish studies and content to raise awareness of private debt financing, and we are active members of sectoral and regional professional associations.

And while we offer maximum quality of service to our customers, we are also particularly attentive to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible through the use of low-impact technologies.

Our strategic committee

Pauline Duval

Pauline Duval

CEO, Groupe Duval

Hugues Le Bret

Hugues Le Bret

Chairman of the Executive Board, Compte Nickel

Valentine de Lasteyrie

Valentine de Lasteyrie

Investment Director, Fiblac

Frédéric Genta

Frédéric Genta

Country Chief Digital Officer, Principality of Monaco

Frédéric Genta

Ariane Mignon

Partner, Mazars

Rémi Tabbagh

Rémi Tabbagh

Partner, Gide Loyrette Nouel

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