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Private debt

An essential financing tool

Suitable and simple to set up, private debt is a source of financing complementary to bank loans and equity. Still not used enough by SMEs, it is nevertheless an excellent way to diversify its sources of financing.

Private debt advantages

Private debt
  • Allows to finance any type of project
  • Does not dilute the capital
  • Allows for in fine repayment and preserves cash flow

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The real alternative to traditional financing

What is FirmFunding ?

FirmFunding is the first and only financing platform dedicated to private placement for SMEs. To finance their growth, SMEs need to have at their disposal other sources of financing than bank loans and equity.

FirmFunding is a marketplace that aims to connect SME advisors with professional investors, when a private placement financing project is released online.

The FirmFunding platform:
For which types of projects ?

Provided that it is a profitable corporation or in the process of being so, and generates a revenue of more than €5 million, all types of projects are likely to be financed at least in part by the use of private debt:

  • All types: development (organic, external growth), transmission (MBO, MBI, OBO, exit of minority shareholders, etc.), refinancing, asset financing.
  • All sectors: services, agro, real estate, industry, consulting, technologies...
  • Regardless of the headquarter location: whole France and the EU.

Why trust FirmFunding?

FirmFunding already has more than 200 registered professional investors with a total investment capacity of more than €2 billion. These investors are essentially management company and family offices. €160 million of financings has been uploaded over the past 12 months.

FirmFunding, member of professional associations

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